R & D dept. coordinates evaluate and perform planned research & studies projects in PLRS and assist in solving technical issues related to exploration, development & production via commercial or in-house research projects.

Work Station :

Within our plan to upgrade PLRS to be a Petroleum Research Center to contribute in solving all problems related to oil & gas industry encountered during Exploration Production & Refinery Processes; PLRS has a qualified team and well-equipped workstation with its two parts:

  • Field Development Plan (FDP) Studies
  • G & G Studies

It’s a powerful, integrated Geological, Geophysical and Petrophysical well-known series of software Packages that will help PLRS to improve the understanding of the subsurface and identify reservoir characteristics and potentiality also capable of simulation of Crude Oils characteristics and Products yield when various types of crude oils are blended at different ratios.

Brilliant Integration:

PLRS is considered an integrated Laboratories because of the SCAL Labs., PVT Labs., Reservoir Characterization (Geology Labs.) & Field Development are all in the same place.