A high percentage (70 -80 % OOIP) of discovered and proven conventional oil reserves remain in the reservoir after primary recovery. Most of the future oil and gas production will likely come from existing fields rather than new fields (EOR is likely more feasible than oil from new find). World average recovery factor (RF) is about 15% to 18% if RF further increased to 35% this can add trillion barrels of recoverable oil reserve.

PLRS EOR Labs. Proudly covering Lab. Services & Studies in:

  • Chemical flooding
  • Thermal flooding
  • Formation damage

Chemical Flooding Lab.

To enhance oil recovery using different chemicals i.e. alkaline, polymers, surfactants or combination; simulated in physical models.

Chemical flooding system

This station can be used to simulate the reservoir conditions at different pressures & temperatures.

Various core plugs (from fields been studied), Sand packing, Beria core with different sizes (up to 1 m) can be used in this station.

Different fluid (Crude oil, lab oil, water, … etc).

Relative permeability curves and recovery factor can be obtained.

We can study the phase behavior of chemicals with the crude oil and the rheology characteristic of the combination before the flooding process.