The Minister of Oil in Sudan and South Sudan described the oil cooperation as being in full agreement for the benefit of the two countries. Dr Abdulrahman Osman welcomed his counterpart, Istvin Daw Mao, the Minister of Energy of Southern Sudan. He confirmed that the ministry is ready to make more cooperation to push the oil production, noting that the oil industry started as a single industry, Reflected positively on the quantities of crude transit for the benefit of the two countries according to the references that have been agreed on the continuous export of crude oil of the South through the Sudanese ports and according to the agreement signed at the prices identified by production segments, announcing the provision of technical support to help the South Sudan in unity and operation of wells Tharjat through technical support equipment and technical fields and laboratory equipment and training center Oil Training.

He said d. Minister of Oil and Gas, said that the visit takes importance in implementing the political will between the two countries and that the continuation of oil cooperation is reflected in the economies of the two countries, stressing the readiness of the Ministry of Oil to make efforts to continue fruitful cooperation between the two countries, pointing to the importance of lifting US sanctions to introduce technology and provide opportunities for investment flows, Increase oil production for the benefit of the two peoples.

While the Minister of Energy in southern Sudan on the need to increase production from existing fields and the re-operation of fields suspended production, and the price of the role of the State of Sudan in the smooth export through Sudanese ports.